Dr. Leo Spaceman (pronounced Spah-CHEM-in) is a physician with an excellent reputation as a doctor and a respectable reputation as a dentist, according to Jack Donaghy. However, his skills, knowledge and ethics are often dubious. He attended the Ho Chi Minh School of Medicine.

Among Dr. Spaceman's beliefs are his opinions that medicine is not a science, that doctors should serve big breakfasts to their patients before an operation, that meat keeps the spine straight, and that people want food but do not need it.

Dr. Spaceman formerly had simultaneous practices in New York City and Westchester and is currently Surgeon General of the United States.

Trivia Edit

  • Tracy constantly mispronounces his name as "Dr. Space Man"
  • Along with his questionable methods, Leo also supplied under-the-counter prescriptions at Jack's request.

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